the book
The First Edition of the Johnson Brothers Dinnerware Pattern Directory & Price Guide was published in 1993. The newly revised and updated Second Edition, published in 2003, features a larger format, and has been expanded to include 170 pages with over 550 color photographs. The number of patterns illustrated has increased from 200 to over 360, all identified and photographed in full color.

This is still not a complete listing of all the Johnson Brothers patterns by any means, for the company did not keep records until modern times, and no one knows how many patterns are "out there" -- possibly a thousand or more! But it does include the more commonly seen and popular patterns, especially those of the last fifty years.

In addition to the chapters devoted to suggested pricing and the illustrated guide to pattern identification, the book has several additional chapters of text, including a history of pottery making, an explanation of porcelain vs. ironstone, the story of Johnson Brothers, a full description of the techniques of manufacturing and decorating, and a new chapter on Old Britain Castles and Historic America.

Ordering your book directly from the author affords the opportunity of having your copy autographed by the author, with a personalized greeting to you, if you so desire -- at no additional charge. Please specify when ordering.

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